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Mall Level -1
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

Opening Hours
monday 12noon 7pm
tuesday 12noon 7pm
wednesday 12noon 7pm
thursday 12noon 7pm
friday 12noon 7pm
saturday 12noon 8pm
sunday 12noon 8pm

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YiFang serves traditional fruit tea and tapioca pearl bubble drinks made with only natural ingredients, including, for example, premium cane sugar, fresh fruit slices as well as cow’s and soya milk. We hand braise fruit jam with our secret recipe handed down from founder’s grandmother herself. No artificial flavours are ever added to our drinks.  Our drinks are prepared in front of our customers and can be customised with your own sweetness and ice preferences. All our drinks are gluten-free and we also serve non- caffeinated drinks such as Winter Melon Lemonade, Taro Milk and Mudflip Milk.

YiFang’s signature drink “Mudflip” Milk Tea is our take on the popular “Bubble Milk Tea”. Every day, all our staff cook the tapioca pearls with our special brown sugar – thicker and aromatic! Customers are advised to flip their drinks to ensure that the brown sugar, pearls, milk and black tea are well-mixed. This created a wonderful mesmerising ‘mud-like effect’ similar to a lava lamp. The unusual creamy treacle-like flavour is truly unforgettable.

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