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Seoul Bird



Mall Level -1
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

Opening Hours
monday 11am 10pm
tuesday 11am 10pm
wednesday 11am 10pm
thursday 11am 10pm
friday 11am 10pm
saturday 11am 10pm
sunday 11am 10pm

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Specialising in crispy, double-fried Korean-style chicken and headed by the world-renowned Korean-American, London-based chef, Judy Joo. 

Inspired by Judy’s Korean-American heritage, guests will be able to get their hands on Korean chargrilled marinated chicks cooked over charcoal and fried chicks that have been brined for 24 hours before being double fried for extra crunch. For burger fans, there’s the cult favourite Seoul Burger with a freshly toasted, fluffy potato bun with golden crispy Korean fried chicken, drizzled with signature soy and gochujang glaze, topped with kewpie mayo, red onion and iceberg lettuce.
Making their debut on the menu, mixed buckets overflowing with double-fried tenders, wings and thighs, as well as the tender bucket filled with tenders and the grilled bucket with thighs and wings cooked over charcoal, all served with a choice of Seoul Bird’s signature sauces for dipping.

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