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Little Farm Now Open: Fresh, Healthy Takeaway Food

22 April 2021

Joining Garbanzos, Rice Guys and Rudie’s Jerk Shack in Reuters Plaza is the equally enticing Little Farm, brought to you by the founders of LAP Bikes in Churchill Place. Launched in 2018, its commitment is to produce of the highest quality. As co-founder Boj Savkov explains, “our recipes are quite simple so the flavours have to be good! It’s very straightforward; higher price, higher quality. So we stick with the best suppliers, and tend to work with those which supply high-end restaurants in the West End. We always have the same ingredients, which helps us to get a good price and keep quality high”.


As such, every morning Little Farm receives fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, meat and fish to its stores and kiosks from local suppliers, and its chefs cook from scratch daily. 80 per cent of the menu is made up of core dishes, loved by repeat and new customers alike, and 20 per cent changes three times a year.


Earlier in the day customers enjoy a range of breakfast buns, scrambled eggs with an enticing array of toppings (from truffle mushrooms to hot chorizo), bagels and banana porridge with melted peanut butter. At lunch, salads – Superfood, Market, Country and Greek – and hearty yet healthy bowls take centre stage. “The most popular options on the menu in areas with offices,” Boj explains, “are Farmer Chicken and Farmer Salmon – my personal favourite, as it’s so simple, easy to eat and full of flavour”. The protein in each dish is accompanied by broccoli, baby carrots and brown or white rice. “And in more residential areas, the Mexican and Lebanese bowls are really popular too.” The former combines chipotle chicken with salsa, black beans, tomato salad, rice and sour cream, while the latter features hummus, tabbouleh, falafel and Mediterranean salad.


Where did the name Little Farm come from? “We’re all about bringing tasty, simple, seasonal flavours and freshly-made healthy food to our customers. The ‘little’ part gives a sweet nature to the business; a softer side. We’re about food that fills you up but never makes you feel heavy and which you can eat three or four times a week.” When it comes to the packaging in which this food is presented, “we’ve been looking at what is practical both for the customer and the food,” explains Boj. “In the summer months, the bowls have paper covers. That saves a lot of plastic. And our cutlery is all made from recyclable material. We try to avoid plastic – it’s challenging, but we are exploring it a lot.”


Finally, why Canary Wharf? “We were attracted by the huge population of professionals and of residents. We see long-term potential; we have locations in other parts of town but Canary Wharf is a city of its own.”

Find Little Farm in Reuters Plaza, Canary Wharf

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