There is a footbridge from the West Wintergarden to South Quay and Upper Bank Street Bridge provides a route to Poplar Station in the north.

Access to Canary Riverside provides links to Limehouse via the Thames Path. There are several cycle routes that provide access to Canary Wharf for cyclists. The London Cycle Network also follows a signed route along the river to Canary Riverside and Riverside South.

Canary Wharf provides extensive cycle parking, with more than 1,300 free cycle parking spaces located across the estate. There are an additional 405 secure cycle parking spaces for public use for which a charge is applied and a further 3715 private cycle parking spaces within individual building car parks.

Click here to download the current map showing cycle parking at Canary Wharf

There are 234 Santander Cycle docking stations on the Canary Wharf estate. Those planning to use the scheme can find their closest docking station on the TFL website, where they can also sign up for free cycle training and find out more about the scheme.

Docking stations can be found in the following six locations on the Canary Wharf estate.

  • Jubilee Plaza
  • Fishermans Walk
  • Heron Quay, DLR Concourse
  • South Dock Walk
  • Upper Bank Street
  • Westferry Circus

Transport for London’s Cycle Hire Users’ Code of Conduct suggest some of the following tips for staying safe on your bike:

  • Be careful around lorries, which have numerous blind spots, and never pass them on the left just before, or at, traffic lights
  • Don’t get too close to parked cars
  • Watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians and give clear hand signals to show your intentions
  • Make yourself seen at night by wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing

It costs as little as £2 a day to use Santander Cycles, and the scheme accepts all major credit and debit cards. It does not accept cash or Oyster.

Road closures may affect your journey. Click here for details of planned road closures


Notifications of planned closures on the Estate will appear here. Note also that these can occur at short notice however, every effort will be made to update this information when known.

Poplar to Canary Wharf, Pedestrian Enhancement Works

Canary Wharf Contractors Limited (CWC) are carrying out stair and lift renewal works to improve the pedestrian route between Poplar and Canary Wharf.

We anticipate that these works will be completed by early 2020 and we will offer temporary stair and lift services throughout the project.

The refurbishment will mean an increase of 33% in the capacity of the stairs and over 150% of the lifts.


  • Removal of existing lifts and ancillary equipment
  • Demolition of lift shafts and staircases
  • Construction of new 2 meter wide, lit and drained staircases
  • Construction of new steel lift shafts with metal cladding
  • Installation of new 17 person lifts

If you have any questions regarding the works please contact us at consultation@canarywharf.com

Ongoing closures

Wood Wharf

Construction is well underway on site now and as such the temporary pedestrian route through Canary Wharf’s New District is now closed.

We are sorry that the temporary path cannot be kept open during the next phase of construction, we had hoped to maintain a walking route throughout the work, but we now know that it is not possible to do this safely due to the heavy construction across the whole site.

Local residents are our customers and neighbours, we do not want to inconvenience them unless it is completely unavoidable and we continue to look for possible solutions which will help people while the pathway is closed. We are currently running a bus service at peak times between Preston’s Road, Canary Wharf and South Quay, there is no charge to access this, a full timetable can be found here.

When the next phase of construction is finished there will be a permanent new road linking Preston’s Road to Cartier Circle, which will be an excellent connection for local residents.

See below for details of the alternate pedestrian routes between Preston’s Road and Canary Wharf.

Click here to download Canary Wharf’s New District revised pedestrian route leaflet or click here to download Canary Wharf’s New District revised pedestrian route

Bank Street

As the construction work along Bank Street progresses it is necessary to divert the current pedestrian path. Click here to download the revised pedestrian route

If you would like to be kept up to date with the progress of construction please register for our quarterly newsletters by emailing consultation@canarywharf.com