Eating & Drinking




20 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5NN

020 7719 1661

Opening Hours
monday 7am 9.30pm
tuesday 7am 9.30pm
wednesday 7am 9.30pm
thursday 7am 9.30pm
friday 7am 9.30pm
saturday 12noon 9pm
sunday 12noon 9pm

Scarpetta embodies the true essence of Italy and all that is good about Italian culture, cuisine and life. Preparing fresh, traditional Italian food using only high quality ingredients.

Italian Coffee – Breakfast

Scarpetta’s very own coffee blends are a reason of great pride. The sweet and delicate flavour of our Portofino Espresso has a full lasting taste on the palate that will keep you wanting more. Vesuvio is a rich and full bodied coffee showcasing the characteristics of the authentic Espresso from Naples. Both blends have been personally sourced from Italy by the founders and have become a wide success amongst Italian coffee lovers. Also, there’s great scrambled eggs cooked to order!

Artisan Pasta – Lunch & Dinner

Scarpetta’s pasta does not come from the factory floor but is made fresh every morning before the very eyes of customers. Scarpetta sources flour directly from its own farm in south of Italy where fresh pasta recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Also available, a selection of premium Italian sandwiches, lasagna and salads!

Italian Aperitivo – Happy Hour

From serving Scarpetta’s house Negroni to a properly made Aperol Spritz with a selection of wines, prosecco, and other cocktails to enjoy good tunes and good vibes.

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