Eating & Drinking


Current opening hours, Mon-Fri 6.30am-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-7pm


Lower Mall -2
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

020 7512 9419

Opening Hours
monday 7am 9pm
tuesday 7am 9pm
wednesday 7am 9pm
thursday 7am 9pm
friday 7am 9pm
saturday 9am 7pm
sunday 9am 7pm

Food at Leon is naturally full of flavour, full of goodness and comes from people we know and like. Breakfast and lunch is served in boxes and bags from the counter. In the evenings dinner is served on plates at your table. The food is cooked with seasonal ingredients, olive oil, fresh herbs and spices. Coffees, cakes, juices and smoothies are served all day. Beer and wine is sold from lunchtime.

At Leon you can pick up breakfast on your way to work; pop in for lunch; meet up with friends for drinks, dinner or both; or simply take time out for tea on your own. It’’s up to you.

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