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Urban Greens



40 Bank Street
Canary Wharf
E14 5NR

Opening Hours
monday 11am 9pm
tuesday 11am 9pm
wednesday 11am 9pm
thursday 11am 9pm
friday 11am 3pm
saturday 11am 3pm
sunday Closed Closed

Introducing Urban Greens, London’s ‘freshest’ new spot for fast food, but not fast food as you and I know it. Urban Greens only offers healthy, nourishing, and flavoursome salads, and, within a minute or two, you are out the door and back on your way. Now that really is fast! They are not ready made but carefully curated in front of you by one of their staff members. Always guiding you along the way. 

Delicious salads, nothing else!

Our chef has carefully created a group of delicious gluten free salads to offer a nutritiously healthy menu. Each salad has been meticulously developed with a combination of mouth-watering ingredients and exciting textures that really complement each other to create a taste sensation. We know what flavours blend well together, which textures work and how to pair flavours, so we discourage any alterations by the customer. You are of course allowed to make adjustments and our staff are trained to help you along the way to make sure the combinations all work together. 

Did we mention that all the meat is Halal? Just one more reason to visit Urban Greens

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