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Holland & Barrett



Mall Level -1
Jubilee Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5NY

020 7512 9826

Opening Hours
monday 8am 8pm
tuesday 8am 8pm
wednesday 8am 8pm
thursday 8am 8pm
friday 8am 8pm
saturday 10am 7pm
sunday 12noon 6pm

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Choose the good life. | Choose to try something new. | Choose stuff that isn’t made from scary-sounding chemicals. | Choose to get your head working better. Your heart. Your body. | Choose to be kind to yourself. | Choose to care for the planet, and other people. | Choose little things that add up to something bigger. | Choose a ‘why not?’ attitude. | Choose to get rid of that achy knee you’ve had for eight months. | Choose to buy from someone who cares. | Choose one good act that begets another. | Choose a path. | Choose to put good stuff in, so you can give good stuff out. | Choose to believe that it’s never too late. | Choose the spring in your step.

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