Space Saving Storage Ideas For Your Apartment

6 November 2022

Space is at a premium in London, so clever apartment living storage ideas are essential for fitting your life into your home. Thankfully, there are all sorts of options available, from ingeniously designed multi-functional furniture to stylish kitchen and bathroom accessories.

These smart storage ideas for apartments are ideal for homes with one bedroom, but they will work well in larger apartments too.

Apartment Bedroom Storage Ideas

  • A Shoe Storage Cabinet

Clear shoe clutter with an elegant, slim shoe drop in your bedroom. What looks like a slim cabinet on which you can place a potted plant, clock, or a few books folds down to give easy access to as many as 12 pairs of shoes.

  • A Four-Poster Bed With Shelves And Storage

There’s something special about a four-poster bed. There’s something even better about a four-poster bed with a headboard and base made of shelves, drawers, and other spaces for storing books, displaying personal mementoes, and stowing extra linen. The near-architectural design of these beds also creates the sense of sleeping in a room within a room.

  • A Box Mirror With Hidden Hanging or Shelving Space

Mirrors make small spaces look bigger, and storage ideas for loft apartments that incorporate these reflective surfaces are always a fantastic idea. Mounting a full-length mirror on a slimline standalone cupboard or on the front of a bookcase using hinges creates a clever storage space behind it, while adding a feeling of depth. 

Apartment Bathroom Storage Ideas

  • Chest Of Drawers Washstand

A custom-made or upcycled vintage or antique chest of drawers with a vessel sink on top is beautiful and functional while offering oodles of storage space for make-up, bathing essentials and toiletries, towels, and more. Using a vessel sink instead of one that’s embedded in the chest of drawers offers that much more storage space within the unit.

  • A Kitchen Trolley Bathroom Caddy

A stylish and compact kitchen trolley on casters is perfect for use as a portable caddy in smaller bathrooms. Store your bath products and toiletries on the top shelves and your towels and other essentials on the bottom.

  • Three-Sided Cabinets For Corners

One of the best apartment bathroom storage ideas is to make use of corners. A four-sided cabinet or storage unit that stands on the floor is not the best use of space. Rather, invest in a three-sided cabinet that either stands on the floor or is mounted on the wall, freeing up floor space.

Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas

  • Stylish Open Shelving

Open shelving is something of an optical illusion in the kitchen. It creates the illusion of more space while providing storage for your plates, bowls, glasses, cups, mugs, and foodstuffs in attractive jars or other containers.

Open shelving’s also great for adding stylised touches to your kitchen. Think of it not so much as storing your crockery but as displaying it alongside chopping boards, cookbooks, and even potted herbs. With your most beautiful kitchen goods on display, you can maximise the space inside your cupboards for storing your less attractive equipment.

  • Sliding Racks For Corner Cupboards

Corner cupboards are a nice idea in theory. But in practice, they’re often difficult to access and store items in neatly, with the result often being clutter and chaos. Install racks that slide along and out of corner cupboards when you open the door for an easy-to-use storage solution.

Apartment Living Room Storage Ideas

  • Use Storage As Part Of The Architecture

Using storage as architecture or a focal point is a fantastic apartment living storage idea, especially if you have an open-plan or one bedroom apartment. For example, use a bookcase or TV unit as a room divider. The shelves offer storage space, while the back of the case acts as a partition wall. You could even mount narrow shelves on the back of the case as an additional storage solution.

  • Folding Work Desks

Your workspace doesn’t need to take up unnecessary space in your apartment. Choose a bookshelf, entertainment unit, or coffee table that folds out into a workspace with a desk and concealed shelves for your work equipment. When you’re done, fold the desk away and voila – more space for entertaining.

  • Concealed Home Bar

A home bar is a fantastic feature if you enjoy entertaining friends, but they can take up space. Get around that with a concealed home bar. Choose a secretary desk that folds down into a bar counter and offers easy access to bottles, glasses, and cocktail equipment. Alternatively, install a bookcase or entertainment unit with a concealed folding home bar.

Find Your Perfect Apartment

With a few smart storage ideas for apartments, you can transform your home in the city into a sleek and stylish space that’s devoid of clutter. You can be one step ahead in terms of storage with one of our available apartments as they come with full-height fitted wardrobes and ample space in storage and service cupboards for all your belongings.

Find your perfect apartment in Canary Wharf and enjoy London living at its finest.

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