London Loft Style Living in Canary Wharf – A New Way To Live

15 December 2022

What Is Loft Style Living?

For the uninitiated, a loft technically is the uppermost storey directly under the roof of a building. Loft style apartments, however, aren’t always on the top floor. Instead, the term refers to apartments that are adaptable, large open spaces converted for use as residences.

Most apartments that offer loft living are in buildings that originally were used for commercial or industrial purposes. Many of those buildings’ original features, such as brick walls and exposed beams and pipes, are incorporated into the living spaces, giving them a trendy industrial aesthetic. 8 Harbord Square has taken inspiration from its industrial heritage, with its open plan design offering a contemporary space that will provide residents with the perfect canvas to make their mark on. 

Discover Loft Living In London

You don’t need to look far to find some of the best loft living in London. Canary Wharf’s 8 Harbord Square combines the capital’s dockside heritage with fresh, unique New York loft style living in a symphony of contemporary design. Each of the industrial style building’s 82 distinctive open plan residences gives you limitless flexibility to create a home that reflects your personality and is tailored to your lifestyle.

  • Gramercy Lofts at 8 Harbord Square

8 Harbord Square’s Gramercy lofts are ideal for the curious, creative individual. Bathed in natural light from the Crittall-style windows, these 1,035 sq ft apartments feature industrial concrete ceilings, exposed brick walls, and stainless-steel countertops. With no interior walls to restrict your design plans, you really can make the space your own.

  • Prospect Lofts at 8 Harbord Square

The 809 sq ft Prospect lofts at 8 Harbord Square are the epitome of dynamic living. Their design inspiration is drawn from the Docklands’ old industrial warehouses and features exposed brick walls, a modern linear kitchen with stainless-steel countertops and integrated appliances, and concrete ceilings. Each apartment’s three large Crittall-style windows provide generous natural light during the day and an incredible ambience at night. These generous spaces are perfect if you’re looking for loft living in London that evolves with you.

Why Lofts Are A Good Choice

Still wondering if a loft style apartment is the right choice for you? Take a closer look at the benefits of loft living below.

  • A Flexible, Open Layout

The open-plan layout of loft apartments is like a blank canvas for you to take your design style to new heights. Curate and arrange art, décor, and furniture to reflect who you are, to suit your preferences, and to meet your unique lifestyle needs.

  • Industrial-Style Details

The industrial-style details typical of lofts’ architecture is one of those apartments’ delightful characteristics. While not common in many London homes, exposed brick walls, concrete ceilings, and other elements give the space a laid-back yet chic feel.

  • High Ceilings

The liberating sense of space in loft style apartments is not only due only to the lack of interior walls. The high ceilings also have something to do with it. Thanks to these high ceilings, even smaller lofts feel comfortably spacious and have immense potential when it comes to interior design and décor.

  • Abundant Natural Light

Abundant natural light is one of the hallmarks of loft living. The large window characteristic of lofts, such as the black powder-coated Crittall-style windows of 8 Harbord Square, let in a huge amount of natural light for a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the space.

How To Decorate A Loft-Style Apartment

With so many distinct differences between these spaces and standard, purpose-built apartments, you might be wondering how to decorate a loft style apartment. The following styling tips offer a glimpse at some of the design possibilities.

  • Take an Eclectic Approach to Style

Lofts bring together industrial, contemporary, and classic architectural design, allowing you to take an eclectic approach to style. You have free rein to combine your favourite design styles in uniquely personal ways that follow or break the rules.

  • Surround Yourself With Artwork

The high exposed brick walls, generous space, and abundant natural light of New York style loft apartments create the perfect space in which to surround yourself with artwork. Thanks to these elements, you could cover the walls with art knowing that it won’t be overwhelming, unlike in other residential offerings.

  • Utilise Multiple Textiles

The architectural features of loft apartments create acoustics that cause sound to carry throughout the space. Use plenty of textiles to soften the space and the sounds within it. Upholstered and wood furnishings, cushions, rugs, and throws offer a plethora of loft style decorating options.

  • Use Furniture As Architecture

The lack of interior walls is no obstacle to dedicated, more intimate spaces in loft style apartments. Use furniture such as bookcases, display cases, or entertainment units to create defined areas within your apartment.

With Canary Wharf’s 8 Harbord Square, loft living in London is all the more desirable. Find your home with us.




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