• A collection of Wildlife Photography Competitionimages
  • A collection of Wildlife Photography Competitionimages
  • A collection of Wildlife Photography Competitionimages

Celebrate the diversity of flora and fauna on our estate as our Wildlife Photography Competition returns for 2018

Enter our Wildlife Photography Competition for the chance to win up to £1,000 Canary Wharf Gift Cards. This could be any of the numerous plant species, birds, fish, insects and small mammals which have made Canary Wharf their home – all you need to do is find it and photograph it using your smartphone or camera.

This year, the competition is open to all budding photographers:  an Adult Competition for those aged 18 and over and a Junior Competition for those aged 17 and under.

The winner of the Junior Competition will be presented with a semi-professional camera.

The overall winner of the Adult Competition will receive £1,000 Canary Wharf Gift Card and, this year, we also introduce the Directors’ Choice award; a prize of £250 Canary Wharf Gift Card will be given to a participant whose picture is chosen by the Canary Wharf Directors.

There are four Adult Competition Categories: 

  • Around the Streets and Gardens: How wildlife interacts around the streets, gardens and buildings of Canary Wharf. We are looking for photographs that capture the character, behaviour, and beauty of the creatures that share the environment of Canary Wharf with the people who live and work here.
  • Close-up and Personal with Nature:Much of the natural world is so small when viewed by the human eye that we do not see its detail and therefore cannot experience its true beauty and drama.  Macro photography can make this world larger than life and make visible to us that which is normally invisible to our naked eye.
  • Geometric and Organic: How the botanical life of Canary Wharf provides an organic contrast to the geometric shapes and patterns on our Estate. We are looking for photographs that explore line, colour, shape, and texture to show how the geometric and the organic can complement each other.
  • Wildlife and Water: The quality of our docks and ponds created in an urban environment are reflected by the variety of wildlife that relies on them to survive, hunt for food and raise families. We are looking for photographs capturing the thriving ecosystem that has developed with our watercourses.

There are no categories of entry for the junior competition.

If you’re new to the estate and not sure where the best areas for wildlife can be found, or just want some inspiration, you can download our biodiversity map which will give you some ideas.

All shortlisted entries will be displayed in an exhibition on the Adams Plaza Bridge and each Adult Competition Category Winner will win a £250 Canary Wharf Gift Card with a further £750 Gift Card for the overall winner.

The winner of the Junior Competition will win a semi-professional camera; all the junior shortlisted entrants will receive a trophy.

For the chance to win simply complete the entry form, accept the Terms and Conditions and upload your photos by 5pm on Friday 28th September 2018. Note, there are no limits on the number of entries.



This year, we are opening the competition to entries via Instagram. Entrants are required to post their photographs tagging, and following, @canarywharflondon and using the hashtag #CWwildlife18 and also required to add the image title and category entered.

By entering you have given your consent to the T&C of the competition.