Response to Coronavirus – COVID 19

The health and safety of those that work, visit and live in Canary Wharf is of paramount importance to us.

It is now compulsory for visitors to wear face coverings when inside our shopping malls. This is a UK government requirement and it is an individual’s responsibility to adhere to. Our staff will be encouraging visitors to comply with this requirement.

We have implemented measures throughout our malls, buildings and spaces to ensure that visitors can remain safe whilst using these facilities and to enable the Estate to remain open. These measures adhere to the guidance set out by the UK government and Public Health England on social distancing and hygiene management practices set out by the UK government and Public Health England.

In our malls we have implemented:

  • One-way systems with directional signage
  • Hand sanitisers at all entrance points
  • Increased cleaning of all touch points including escalator hand rails,door handles, lift push buttons and bathrooms
  • All disabled doors are converted from push button to opening automatically on approach
  • Sanitising floor solution in our floor drier machines
  • Floor markings to enable safe social distancing throughout
  • Limiting the number of people in the lifts
  • All benches and leaflet holders have been removed
  • Social distancing signage at bathroom sinks and urinals plus additional bathroom attendants

Shops, services, cafés, bars and restaurants are now open at Canary Wharf and our COVID-19 secure system remains in place throughout the shopping malls and public realm with one-way routes in the malls, an enhanced deep cleaning regime, and a number of other measures to help people stay safe while on the Estate. The revised social distancing guidelines of one-metre plus are now in place, and all parks and public spaces are open.

Click here for shops and services currently open and opening soon

Click here for cafes and restaurants currently open and opening soon

In addition to TfL’s arrangements, to enable access to the Estate the following have been implemented:

  • Social distancing floor markings to manage queues at bus stops and the pier
  • Santander bike stations marked to show which terminals can be used
  • Social distancing signage on all external seating
  • Heavy footfall routes separated into one-way flows
  • Entry and exit doors opened/sensor operated to remove the need to touch doors
  • External lifts remain open with social distancing signage at each entrance point
  • Additional cycle racks to enable more visitors to cycle to the Estate

We are in regular contact with our office and retail tenants, as well as TfL and Tower Hamlets, to ensure we are all aligned on the measures taken to keep visitors to Canary Wharf safe.

As and when any further measures are announced by UK Government, we will respond accordingly.

In the meantime, the Canary Wharf Group would like to thank all our front-line staff and those across the Estate working through this difficult time.


We have been actively working to prepare our buildings, retail spaces and Estate for the lifting of the UK lockdown. A fundamental aspect of this work has been to implement a thorough risk assessment process. The health and safety of everybody who comes to Canary Wharf over the coming weeks and months is of paramount importance and significant investment has been made to implement control measures to ensure social distancing protocols can be met whilst enjoying the fantastic facilities we have on offer.

Our risk assessments have been broken down into area and task specific documents, and control measures identified, in line with the UK government guidance, as well as in accordance with all applicable health & safety legislation. All risk assessments have been shared with our employees and tenants to ensure they remain aware of the controls being implemented and are subject to ongoing review and updating. A central senior management task group has been established in which the risk assessments and procedures are monitored, and the Canary Wharf Group Health & Safety team are conducting audits and checks to verify that controls are being followed on an ongoing basis.

As a result of our risk assessment process, a number of changes have been made to the way we operate. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Installation of floor markings throughout our buildings and retail areas to identify safe standing distances. Lifts & escalators have been reviewed to limit the number of persons using them at any one time
  • One way and queuing systems implemented across retail areas
  • Staggered start and finish times introduced for our staff and working from home policies robustly enforced for teams that can continue to work from home. We have also liaised closely with our tenants to collaborate on reoccupation plans to ensure our buildings can remain safe
  • Engagement with key stakeholders to coordinate our return response

For further detail on the control measures implemented and our risk assessment process, please email

Social distancing signage