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How to do wellness in the heart of Canary Wharf

4 January 2023

Soft living and spirituality are at the heart of 2023’s predicted wellness trends from the Global Wellness Summit, as we all begin to recognise the benefits of a holistic approach to health. As wellbeing isn’t something we can relegate to three sessions a week in the gym, more and more of us are dedicated to incorporating it, and its many facets, into each layer of our lives.Here’s how to do wellness in the heart of Canary Wharf…  

Feel good factor: beauty and wellness 

The soft living movement is about a gentler approach to fitness – it’s not about punishing workouts and beating yourself up for everything you haven’t done but celebrating what you did do and incorporating things that make us feel good about ourselves. Apparently, we have GenZ to thank for this slice of common sense, and we’re embracing it with gusto, making sure there’s plenty of time for wellness, beauty, pampering and grooming.

Top beauty and wellness recommendations: 

  • Get a Drip: For vitamin drips and booster shots, this wellness industry disrupter is here to help boost your energy and immunity. They can also help tackle specific wellness concerns such as anti-ageing or hair health with a tailored shot of goodness.
  • Stretch Inc.: Stretch it out with expert assistance to keep those limbs soft and supple. If anyone else is guilty of not stretching properly before and after a workout, Stretch Inc. is the place to pick up new and better habits from £1 for a 15-minute session 


  • Freedom Clinics: Improve form, function and feel-good-factor at this multidisciplinary clinic. Offering everything from acupuncture to osteopathy, sports massage to physiotherapy, you can leave with your head high and your fitness goals back on track.
  • Weather and Palette: At Weather and Palette Skincare Atelier, we approach skincare logically. Through Skinscope analysis, observation of patterns, and understanding of your lifestyle, we find the finest solutions tailored to your skin type and concerns. Our high-performance products and treatments address hyperpigmentation, aging, acne, and sensitized skin. While we cannot control the weather, we can certainly manage and improve skin health. 
  • Sk:n: One of a nationwide network of specialist skin clinics, Sk:n is all about boosting skin health and appearance. Specialist treatments range from HydraFacials to anti-ageing injectables, acne treatments to dermatology.
  • TONI&GUY: We all feel ready to take on the world when our hair has just been done, and needing no introduction, TONI&GUY is the best of the best. Get that professional cut and blow dry as well as a tailored hair and scalp at-home routine so you feel your best from every follicle.
  • ADAM Grooming Atelier: For gents with style, ADAM is the grooming atelier delivering timeless barbering and the perfect shave. Feel restored, renewed and look sharp as you do it in this chic space bringing the class of the past to the height of modern wellbeing.

Men's hairdressers

Healthy eating for optimal wellness 

Food is a central part of our wellness experience, with science showing that it’s not just linked to our physical health but our mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as our cognitive function. Furthermore, great food that makes us feel good is a joy and London isn’t short on fab healthy eating destinations.

Top spots for nutrition and nourishment 

  • atis: Serving food that tastes great and reflects modern values from sourcing and packaging to ethical relationships with the environment, atis is known for their plant-powered favourites. We particularly love their seasonal bowls packed with delicious ingredients.  

Food from atis

  • Farmer J: Bringing country values to the city, Farmer J is about good food and good value. Sourcing ingredients from as many high-welfare British farms as possible, this place is the height of holistic wellbeing – from nutrition to community and environment. It’s all made on site and every bite’s a treat.
  • Caravan: Caravan has made a name for itself across London for its ‘well travelled’ menu of delicious food, as well as its great atmosphere, whether you’re popping in for a coffee and juice, brunch, lunch or dinner. Their spot in Canary Wharf is a particular treat with its outdoor terrace. Post weekend workout we’re fans of their grains and bowls, and have a hankering for burnt stem broccoli, charred sweet potato, spiced black bean salsa, green chutney, coconut yoghurt and curry leaf oil.

Food from Caravan

Active living for an optimal lifestyle

Working out and being active is an intrinsic part of wellness, especially when lots of us have sedentary jobs. However, there are lots of ways to get physical in Canary Wharf, whether you fancy a yoga class, sweating it out in a spin session or getting rid of a few toxins with a full body massage. 

Top gyms and fitness classes

  • Third Space: Third Space Canary Wharf is Europe’s largest luxury health club offering state-of-the-art training facilities and 300 classes per week. From a 13-metre-high climbing wall to a 23-metre pool, and London’s largest multi-functional training space to access to some of the best PTs and fitness instructors in the UK, it’s the ultimate fitness experience. There’s also the Third Space Spa to help you recover and rejuvenate post-workout.
  • Sweat by BXR: When it comes to workouts Sweat by BXR aren’t playing, but they do make it fun. Inspired by stakeholder and champion boxer Anthony Joshua, Sweat by BXR is about pushing you to your limits and offering a combination of education and elite level training for optimum (sustainable) fitness. Their site in Canary Wharf boasts two studios, including the infamous VersaClimber Cardio studio.

Boxing at Sweat by BXR

  • Barry’s: The original indoor bootcamp from LA, Barry’s is an intense workout experience designed to shock the body with a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises surrounded by night-club like music and red lighting to get the blood pumping. It’s a great experience on your own or with friends, where each class offers something new to challenge you.
  • In2Sports: With a versatile and well-equipped sports hall and multi-functional gym and fitness studios, the In2Sports facilities are ideal for community and corporate events and can cater for all types of sports-based social functions, from football and dodgeball to multi-sport tournaments and team building.
  • Nuffield Health: Nuffield Health in Canary Wharf is an adult-only gym with everything you need for a range of fitness experiences, from cardio machines and free weights to squash courts and a 25-metre swimming pool. Sweat it out in the sauna and steam rooms afterwards to aid your detox and recovery process before heading out, ready to take on the world.

Swimming at Nuffield Health

Fitness fashion for feel-good-factor

From performance wear that improves the efficacy of your workout to compression garments to aid recovery and athleisure fashion that makes you feel as great as you look while working up a sweat, don’t forget to explore the latest trends in fitness fashion.

Top shops for fitness fashion

  • lululemon: One of the reigning monarchs of fitness fashion, lululemon has you covered from workout to wind down with their vast range of activewear. From gilets and jackets to sports bras and cycling shorts, is there anything more motivating than workout wear that makes you feel a million £££?

Sportswear from lululemon

  • Sweaty Betty: Speaking of fitness icons, Sweaty Betty is the aspirational, technical authority on women’s fitness clothing. Born in Notting Hill, they also have a home on Jubilee Place, whether you’re looking for gym wear, tennis apparel, ski clothes or beachwear. However you’re staying active, you can do it in Sweaty Betty. 
  • ASICS: Fitness fans will know the power of a good pair of ASICS trainers. The foundation of your workout, trainers are essential to supporting fitness as well as performance and helping to prevent injury. ASICS is known for their next level footwear, especially when it comes to running. Looking to take things up a gear in 2023? Jog past ASICS in Canary Wharf. 

Woman running

  • JD Sports: The biggest brands all in one place, from Nike and The North Face to adidas, Fila and SikSilk, those taking up New Year’s resolutions or committing to another year of active living will find JD Sports to be a valued ally. 

Outdoor spaces for peace of mind

It’s not always easy to find a moment of calm in a buzzing metropolis, but London has the greenest spaces out of any European city, totalling 3,000 locations. Providing places to gather your thoughts, breathe a little more deeply and make room for mental wellbeing in nature. Canary Wharf has its own pockets of tranquillity for you to wind down.

Top city spaces for a moment of calm

  • Crossrail Place Roof Garden: One of London’s largest roof gardens, Crossrail Place Roof Garden is a haven of plant life and hidden pathways. Stroll amongst the trees and ferns, admire the tropical plants, or take in a free show in the 80-seater amphitheatre. Come day or night, this gorgeous garden shows you a new side of the city. 

Crossrail Place Roof Garden

  • Harbour Quay: There’s something unequivocally relaxing about being by the water, which is what makes Harbour Quay such a treat. From a morning run to an evening stroll, or working out on the outdoor gym equipment, the garden and boardwalk offer a sense of holiday wellness. It’s also a great place to sit with a coffee and watch the world go by.

Harbour Quay Boardwalk

  • Jubilee Park: Oxygen generating, shade providing and simply gorgeous to look at, Jubilee Park is full of trees and cascading water features, providing a chill-out zone to escape from stress. Summers invite you to stretch out on the grass at weekends or lunch hours and ponder the organic forms of sculptural installations such as Helaine Blumenfeld OBE’s Fortuna.

Fountains in Jubilee Park



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