Top 5 reasons students want to live in Canary Wharf

17 February 2023

Discover the appeal this city within a city has for those pursuing further studies in London.

1. Accommodation Opportunities for Students

Finding accommodations which are comfortable, safe, clean, and conveniently located is a priority for many students, especially international students. Canary Wharf student accommodation is plentiful, varied, and offers everything a student could want.

The options range from spacious, well-appointed studio apartments, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and apartments with as many as four double bedrooms. In addition, many of the apartment buildings offer appealing communal amenities, such as gyms, terraces, and private lounges. With various security protocols in place, the apartment buildings on the Estate are safe enough to offer you peace of mind, whether you’re at home, at university, or out exploring the city or enjoying its nightlife.

2. Safety in Canary Wharf

Students who haven’t travelled to London may wonder, “Is Canary Wharf safe?” The short answer is, “Yes, the Estate is safe.” With a variety of measures and protocols in place, Canary Wharf security is superb.

Almost every area of the Estate is covered by CCTV and has abundant outdoor lighting on streets, pathways, and open areas, but that’s not what sets the area apart from other places. One of the main factors in the Estate’s safety and security measures is a private security force comprised of over 600 staff who operate across Canary Wharf.

When it comes to the Estate’s residential buildings, almost all of them have their own CCTV systems, electronic key entry, and a 24-hour concierge. Some developments also have biometrics-controlled entry, lifts from secure parking areas, and other security features, making student living in Canary Wharf even safer.

3. Travel Accessibility

Canary Wharf’s location near Central London makes for fantastic travel accessibility. The Estate is in Zone 2, on the Jubilee and Elizabeth lines, and is served by several TfL bus routes. The many transport options make it easy for students to travel from the Estate to the universities they study at, and to many of London’s famous attractions and hidden gems.

Making these transport options even more attractive, TfL offers an 18+ Student Oyster Photocard which, if you meet the requirements, gives you a 30% discount on adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets.

The following travel times provide a good idea of how convenient living in Canary Wharf is when it comes to travel accessibility:

  • Canary Wharf to Bond Street: 15 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Hyde Park: 13 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Oxford Circus Station: 13 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to The Shard: 6 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Covent Garden: 9 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Piccadilly Circus: 9 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Westminster: 11 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to UCL (Euston Square): 15 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to LSE (Holborn): 9 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Greenwich University (Cutty Sark): 9 minutes on the Tube, £2-£3 single journey
  • Canary Wharf to Heathrow Airport Terminals 2 & 3: 57 minutes on the Tube, £6.6-£8 single journey

4. Activities in Canary Wharf

Being part of a vibrant community is another reason why students want to live in Canary Wharf. Apart from parks, squares, and other open spaces, the Estate boasts a stunning collection of public art, and it has a packed events programme offering activities for everyone. There’s also no shortage of Canary Wharf nightlife, from wining and dining, to cocktails, theatre, seasonal events, and more.

You’ll find anything and everything, from open air cinema in summer, to the Canary Wharf ice rink, which offers student discounts, in winter. Some of the establishments on the Estate, such as Fairgame, offer an array of iconic games with a cutting-edge modern tech twist, such as Roll-A-Ball Derby, Skeeball, Shoot the Clown, and Whac-A-Mole.

5. Future of Canary Wharf

After beginning as a financial and business district in the 1990s, Canary Wharf has evolved into a city within a city that brings together commercial, residential, and lifestyle spaces. With the ongoing development of Wood Wharf, the Estate continues to evolve. The newest neighbourhood, Wood Wharf blends living, working and leisure facilities in a waterside community master planned by Allies and Morrison.

With many new additions to the existing retail and leisure options, as well as helpful services planned for the future, living in Canary Wharf is sure to become even more desirable. There are plans for a Soho inspired variety of bars, restaurants and independent shops which are to be introduced to The Lanes area in Wood Wharf in the near future.

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