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Sculpture by Michael Pennie and Andrew Sabin

SculptureWhere are we now? This question comes up time and again in assessing where we are in life, work and the world.

In bringing Michael Pennie and Andrew Sabin together in an exhibition of their sculpture we see two ways of considering this question; Pennie has chosen to show a selection of works created over the past forty-six years, while Sabin decided to make entirely new pieces, in an energetic frenzy of creative activity.

Not knowing that they had been former colleagues and held each other’s work in high regard, the decision to curate the exhibition was based on an intangible feeling that their sculpture would set up a curious and informative dialogue. Michael Pennie’s work had not been seen in a tough corporate environment before and the sheer scale of Andrew Sabin’s new and colourful sculptures would meet the lofty heights of the Lobby of One Canada Square.

Exhibition Tour: Tuesday 2 October, 6.30-7.15pm
Ann Elliott tours the exhibition with Michael Pennie and Andrew Sabin.
FREE but please email publicart@canarywharf.com to reserve a place

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