• A collection of LBMV Architects: DON’T WALK, WALKimages
  • A collection of LBMV Architects: DON’T WALK, WALKimages

Part of LFA @ Canary Wharf

LBMV’s tunnel-like installation creates an architectural boundary between the workplace environment and the experiential space of the structure. The title reinforces the nature of the boundary – should one walk through this structure, or is it prohibited? The hope is that people will divert from their usual course to walk through this alluring space. Assembled on site from lengths of inexpensive timber bought from any good hardware store, the project demonstrates how affordable it can be to create a basic shelter – a poignant message when housing is at such a premium. The simplest of structures, made from basic materials, can draw people in and convey a powerful experience of space, light, shade and volume – the key principles of architecture.

The London Festival of Architecture is the world’s largest annual architecture festival taking place throughout June and this is just one of the events taking place at Canary Wharf as part of this year’s LFA, brought together by the theme of Boundaries. See also:

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