• A collection of Winter Lightsimages
  • A collection of Winter Lightsimages
  • A collection of Winter Lightsimages
  • A collection of Winter Lightsimages
  • A collection of Winter Lightsimages
  • A collection of Winter Lightsimages

Spectacular light installations and interactive art

Winter Lights returns for a fifth year bringing together some of the most imaginative and exciting international artists working with light art today. The festival draws upon state-of-the-art light technology to deliver spectacular artworks, installations and experiences – many of them interactive or responsive – and has continued to gather pace with bigger and brighter installations every year.

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You will also find Winter Lights Bites, a variety of vintage food trucks every day in Cabot Square serving up delicious dishes and hot drinks to keep you warm plus face-painting in Jubilee Place and Canada Place on Saturday 26 January, 3-9pm.

1: Prismatica by RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3, Jubilee Plaza

A modern ice palace. Prismatica turns heads with the countless colourful reflections made by its giant prisms. Visitors can walk amongst them to see city life in every colour of the spectrum and spin the prisms to make them dance. After sunset, the enormous interactive kaleidoscope’s illusory effects reach a crescendo.

Prismatica was first presented as part of the 5th edition of Luminothérapie, Quartier des Spectacles, in Montreal.

Kindly sponsored by TFL Canary Wharf Plaza



Location 1 on our Winter Lights map

Prismatica by RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3

2. BIT.FALL by Julius Popp, Chancellor Passage, Middle Dock

The speed at which information is sourced, exchanged and updated in our modern society is almost inconceivable, and more ephemeral than ever before. The work BIT.FALL translate this abstract process into an experience for the senses as an ever-changing cascade of words, derived from a live newsfeed on The Times website, falls down on a wall of water.

Julius Popp’s BIT.FALL is part of Canary Wharf’s permanent art collection.



Location 2 on our Winter Lights map

BIT.FALL by Julius Popp, Chancellor Passage

3. Two Hearts by Stuart Langley, projection in Newfoundland Place, viewing point at Cubitt Steps

As the structure of this iconic residential skyscraper grows, lower level windows flicker and shine with light to momentarily form two illuminated and transient hearts, symbolic of the life and energy the building is poised to support.



Location 3 on our Winter Lights map

Two Hearts by Stuart Langley

4. Whale Ghost by Pitaya, Cubitt Steps

This monumentally-scaled kinetic sculpture echoes the marine mammal and fossil skeletons seen in natural history museums. Whale Ghost invites the visitor to spend a moment thinking about the impact of mankind on our biodiversity: how it can affect multiple species and how, if nothing changes, it could lead us to their disappearance – is this the ghost of the last remaining whale?



Location 4 on our Winter Lights map

Whale Ghost by Pitaya

5. Sasha Trees by Adam Decolight, Westferry Circus

Westferry Circus becomes a magical winterscape as we illuminate this beautiful location with glowing fir trees. The striking neon colours of the trees create a fantastic contrast with natural foliage surrounding them.



Location 5 on our Winter Lights map

Sasha Trees by Adam Decolight

6. Blue Neuron by Zac Greening, Columbus Courtyard

Blue Neuron is a beautiful kinetic light installation built from reworked heat-treated plastic bottles. Zac’s inspiration comes principally from nature. Working in a wide range of media, from discarded plastic bottles to laser projections, his works often comment on issues such as sustainability, environmental degradation and consumption.



Location 6 on our Winter Lights map

Blue Neuron by Zac Greening

7. Time & Tide By Paul & Pute, Columbus Courtyard

Time & Tide, with its hourglass design and colours inspired by nature, aims to remind us of the urgency of halting the plastic pollution of our oceans. Its form tells us that time is running out to repair this problem before the damage to our planet is irreversible. It reinforces this message through the use of biodegradable alternatives to plastic used in its construction.

UK / Thailand

Location 7 on our Winter Lights map

Time & Tide By Paul & Pute

8. Heofon Light Maze by Ben Busche of Brut Deluxe, Cabot Square

Heofon is an old English word for the sky. This fascinating light maze is based on triangular geometry which reflects and shifts light rays along the entire colour range of a rainbow. On the outer perimeter the panels are covered with a mirror film converting the interior into an infinity room – lose yourself in this unique cosmos of overlapping light patterns and constantly changing colours.

Manufactured by Ilmex Illumination.

UK / Spain


Location 8 on our Winter Lights map

Heofon Light Maze by Ben Busche or Brut Deluxe

9. Colour Moves by Rombout Frieling Lab, Adams Plaza Bridge

Colour does not exist. Colour is in the mind. It is the result of complex processes of adjustment and comparison. Colour Moves is an immersive installation of pigments that react with specific wavelengths of light. As this happens, the installation’s giant swirling patterns are set in motion and the bridge comes alive. What appears to be red may seem yellow soon, and what is standing still is suddenly moving. What we see in any given point in time is only a limited perspective.

Kindly sponsored by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



Location 9 on our Winter Lights map

Colour Moves by Rombout Frieling

10. Recyclism by Oskar Krajewski /Art of OK, Crossrail Place, Level 0

Artist Oskar Krajewski is working towards a new chapter in art history – Recyclism. Recyclism is a platform for artists and like-minded people who care about our global environment. Oskar’s sculptures are made almost entirely of recycled materials such as unwanted toys, obsolete electronics, plastic packaging or any everyday use objects. His pieces usher the viewer into illuminated, colourful and futuristic worlds.

Poland / UK

www.artofok.com / www.art-recyclism.com

Location 10 on our Winter Lights map

Recyclism by Oskar Krajewski /Art of OK

11. Aura by Ronan Devlin, North Dock, Adams Plaza
Aura creates a stunning spectacle on the water by combining art and technology. Camera sensors capture participant’s form and feelings and mirror them in real time onto a giant water spray in the dock. Inspired by psychologist Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, the results are unique, colourful, radiant shapes that reflect the audience’s motion and emotion.



Location 11 on our Winter Lights map

Aura by Ronan Devlin

12. We Could Meet by Martin Richman, Crossrail Place, Quayside Level -1

A permanent installation of more than 500 illuminated acrylic rods installed in a water channel, this engaging art work was commissioned by Canary Wharf Group in 2015. Viewed from above, the programmed illumination regularly changes colour and frequency throughout the day and evening.

We Could Meet is part of Canary Wharf’s permanent art collection.



Location 12 on our Winter Lights map

We Could Meet by Martin Richman

13. Vena Lumen by Fontys Vena Lumen team, Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Level -1

Vena Lumen means pulsing light. Take a seat on this stunning bench, place your hand on the sensor and watch it transform your heartbeat into dancing light. The light illustrates the beauty of two lives colliding and joining together to become one with each other.

Netherlands / Mexico / Norway / Poland

Location 13 on our Winter Lights map

Vena Lumen by Fontys Vena Lumen team

14. Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio, Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Level 1

Enchanted Connections invites visitors to the Crossrail Place Roof Garden to interact with light and each other in an imaginative way. Tine Bech Studio merges art with the digital language of technology to create stunning visual projects where audience participation is invited.



Location 14 on our Winter Lights map

Enchanted Connections by Tine Bech Studio

15. Last Parade by Alexander Reichstein, Crossrail Place Quayside, Level -1

Last Parade is a site-specific video installation that creates a wildlife reserve filled with rare animals and birds, where the shadows of endangered and threatened species march perpetually along the Canary Wharf Riverside, slowly fading out as their march ends.

Created in collaboration with Tatyana Moshkova (animation), Georgi Baranov (sound). Curated by Vassiliki Tzanakou. Commissioned by Moscow Polytechnic Museum.


www.reichstein.name / www.artintra.net

Location 15 on our Winter Lights map

Last Parade by Alexander Reichstein

16. Lightbench by LBO Lichtbank, Canada Square Park

These firm favourites light up Canada Square Park every evening as part of the permanent collection. The benches subtly change colour and are lined up to create a pleasing spectacle along the pathway.

Lightbench is part of Canary Wharf’s permanent art collection.



Location 16 on our Winter Lights map

Lightbench by LBO Lichtbank

17. Submergence by Squidsoup, Montgomery Square

Submergence is a large, immersive, walkthrough light experience. This is the largest version ever shown, comprising of some 24,000 individual points of suspended light, that transforms the space into a hybrid environment where virtual and physical worlds coincide. The installation immerses the visitor in a continuously shifting ocean of thousands of coloured lights, created through a combination of digital pixels, spheres of light and the physical movement of the visitors themselves.



Location 17 on our Winter Lights map

Submergence by Squidsoup

18. Light, Stone, Pavement by Raoul Simpson, Jubilee Park

We apologise for the inconvenience but due to technical difficulties, this installation has been removed.

Location 18 on our Winter Lights map

19. Flow by Squidsoup, Jubilee Park

Flow is a series of explorations using dynamically controlled points of light to visualise the flow of energy, data and objects. The piece is inspired by the myriad of cultural references to energy and flow patterns, from Aboriginal dreamtime paintings to Japanese wave and ripple designs. Light and technology are used to add a dynamic layer to a fixed physical space.



Location 19 on our Winter Lights map

Flow by Squidsoup

20. Floating Islands by Mürüde Mehmet, Jubilee Park

Community artist Mürüde Mehmet will be working with local children in Tower Hamlets to construct colourful organic floating forms made from recycled bottles. The  creations will be displayed on the running water streams at Canary Wharf, encouraging awareness of how much waste is created by single use plastic water bottles.


Location 20 on our Winter Lights map

Floating Islands by Mürüde Mehmet

21. Angels of Freedom by OGE Collective, Jubilee Place

Step inside and become a light angel! These beautiful illuminated wings travel around the world, connecting people by allowing everyone to become an angel in their own way. You will find two sets of wings in Jubilee Place but keep your eye out on your Winter Lights tour as you may just find some more along the way.



Location 21 on our Winter Lights map

Angels of Freedom by OGE Collective

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