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Strong Island Wellness and Fitness Festival

A series of events exploring the ways to fuel and maintain a healthy and dynamic lifestyle through education and experience, bring together leading brands, names and innovators in the health and wellness sector to Canary Wharf.


Secretly, we all want to be real life Ninjas …Join the HIITBOX Ninja team for this fun day of classes and workshops to help you learn how to tap into your inner Ninja 24/7 with some signature power moves and an injection of positive mental attitude!

Ninja School Sessions:

Ninja Body Weight Training: 2-2.45pm with Sonja & Jason
Strength, mobility, and some slick Ninja moves in this showcase class led by HIITBOX Head Ninja Sonja Moses and HIITBOX resident DJ and MC J.

Ninja Wipe the Floo: 3-3.45pm with Azara & Hattie
Every real life Ninja needs rhythm and footwork. Let Hattie and Azara show you the way in this fun and super cool break dance class made easy to follow with the infamous HIITBOX Ninja break dancing duo.

HIITBOX Technique: 4-4.30pm with Sonja & Ninjas
Learn the correct Ninja way to handle your shizzle in this Muay Thai and Boxing technique workshop.

HIITBOX Original: 4.45-5.45pm with Sonja & Ninjas
Its fight time! 12 rounds of pads with you and your partner accompanied by live DJ and MC with an EPIC musical journey.

HIITBOX Guided Meditation : 5.45-6.15pm with Sonja & Kaya
Every Ninja needs to learn the power of focus and silence. Let these two Spiritual Ninjas take you on a meditation to empower your mind, body, and soul accompanied by a mini sound bath.

Ninja Q & : 6.15-6.45pm with the HIITBOX Ninja Team
Ask your favourite Ninjas for advice or guidance in this Q&A session.

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