• A collection of Mindfulness through Textile Braceletsimages

Part of our Learning Lab series

Want to learn something new but find reading endless textbooks boring? Wish you could gain a skill that’s a bit different but don’t know where to start? Come to the Learning Lab at Canary Wharf for a more exciting way to open your mind.

We’ve put together a series of classes, workshops and talks that throw everything you thought you knew about learning out of the window. Relax in the calming oasis of the Crossrail Place Roof Garden, grab a drink or some street food at the nearby Giant Robot rooftopia, and settle in for a lunchtime or evening session of learning like you’ve never experienced.


Have you ever confronted your inner critic? This textile-based jewellery workshop will introduce you to how awareness of your habitual thoughts can (or not) aid you in the learning process and help you to overcome blocks in beginning creative processes. You’ll learn elemental textile cord-making skills guided by an experienced textile artist and jeweller.

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