• A collection of Celebrate Diwali ‘The Festival of Light’images
  • A collection of Celebrate Diwali ‘The Festival of Light’images

Celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali

The biggest and brightest of all the Hindu celebrations, the ancient festival marks the triumph of light over dark and good over evil and is celebrated across the globe

Monday 5 – Friday 9 November, Jubilee Park

Inspired by the Indian artwork of Rangoli, where patterns are created using colourful powder paints, we have commissioned Richard Bragg from RB Floral Design, to create a number of striking flower installations, which will float in the water features of Jubilee Park. The floating flower installations, in a selection of sizes and colours, will each have a flickering battery operated candle lit up throughout the week of celebrations.

Monday 5 November, Jubilee Place, Mall Level -1

Janak Chauhan, a Rangoli artist from Baroda in Gujarat, India along with his colleagues will work together to create bright and bold colourful patterns on the floors of Jubilee Place using coloured powder paints and coloured chalk. Hindus traditionally draw Rangoli patterns to encourage the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity – Lakshmi – to enter their home. This year, visitors can have their names included in the colourful Rangoli. Give your name to Janak who will delicately incorporate it into the beautiful artwork. Visitors can view the artwork until Wednesday 7 November.

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