Cookie Dough-licious Cupcakes

Why choose one when you can have both? Our new range of Cookie dough-licious Cupcakes combines the best of both, soft and indulgent cookie dough on top of a deliciously moist sponge. Give into your cravings and dig right in to a combination like you’ve never had before.

Cookie dough-licious Cupcakes

Coffee Cookie: A nutty coffee and walnut sponge, which is filled with smooth coffee mascarpone. It is iced with a coffee cookie dough scoop and topped with a splash coffee infused icing, walnut crumbs and a single chocolate covered coffee bean.

Chocolate Cookie: A soft chocolate sponge, filled with rich white chocolate ganache and topped with a double chocolate chip cookie dough scoop. It is topped with a splash of white chocolate ganache, chocolate coated popping candy and mini chocolate chips.

Vegan Red Velvet Cookie: A moist vegan red velvet sponge, iced with a marbled vegan red velvet and vanilla cookie dough scoop. Finished with a splash of soya chocolate ganache and vegan red velvet crumbs.