New seasonal ramen at Ippudo Canary Wharf

Yokohama Ramen

New Special Ramen

Originating in the 70s, Yokohama Ramen is a unique mix of tonkotsu (pork), chicken, and shoyu (soy) flavours. This old-school ramen trend is currently having its’ come back onto the Japanese culinary scene. Don’t hesitate and try our IPPUDO version!

Delicious blend of tonkotsu broth with chicken infused oil and soy base, and our home-made thick noodles served with IPPUDO’s signature pork belly chashu, spring onions, spinach, seaweed, and ‘naruto’ fish cake.

Get a Special version if you are hungry: with extra chashu, seven pieces of seaweed, double portion of spinach, and marinated soft-boiled egg on top!

IPPUDO tip: best enjoyed along rice topped with pickled cucumbers.

Prices: £13 – £19, available from Wednesday 11 September from 3pm daily for a limited time only