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Vegan wines


This Veganuary, visit Humble Grape and explore their range of vegan wines including:

  • Dominio de Punctum Uno de Mil, Tempranillo & Petit Verdot

This may be called ‘One in a Thousand’ but it’s truly one in a million! You gotta try it to believe it. Rich and earthy with lush notes of cherry, blueberry, violets, and a hint of tobacco leaf. Sounds like a bloody good red wine right?! 

  • Winzer Familie Gregor Schup, Riesling

A stunning Riesling from a family deep in the heart of the Austrian Wienerwald, who are true perfectionists of nature. 

This beauty is full of stone fruit and pineapple flavours with an underlying, delicate white blossom. It is typically high acid like a great Riesling should be but kept in balance. Absolutely gorgeous – and almost impossible to only have one glass! 

  • Mea Sipon

A great alternative to a Prosecco, the Mea Sipon is light, delicate and zesty – genuinely joyful to drink! It’s a pet nat (Petillant Naturel) meaning naturally sparkling, a very old way of making wine with the bubbles forming from the fermentation process. 


Humble Grape

18-20 Mackenzie Walk
Canary Wharf
E14 4PH

020 3985 1330

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