• A collection of CPRESSimages
  • A collection of CPRESSimages

CPRESS is your ORGANIC go to spot in Canary Wharf for healthy salads, breakfast, smoothies and acai and protein bowls, juices and speciality coffee. Eat in, take away or get a CPRESS DELIVERY to your office! With raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free options, there’s something to entice everyone.

ORGANIC foods are higher in antioxidants and significantly lower in pesticides, heavy metals and nitrogens than their non-organic counterparts.

COLD PRESS is a superior method of extracting nutrients from fruit, roots, vegetables and leafy greens. Cold pressing does not heat or inject air into the juice. The result is a healthier and better tasting juice that has retained its nutritional integrity.

UNPASTEURISED and raw juices are never heated, cooked or altered (no additives or preservatives) to extend their shelf life. Juices are produced every day of the week.

ORGANIC juices, smoothies, artisan coffee, acai bowls & more!