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Strong Island Wellness and Fitness Festival

A series of events exploring the ways to fuel and maintain a healthy and dynamic lifestyle through education and experience, bring together leading brands, names and innovators in the health and wellness sector to Canary Wharf.

STRUT SUMMIT AFTER DARK: Friday 18 October, 7-10pm, East Wintergarden

You’re invited to become a Sexy Mother Strutter at this epic evening of dance and empowerment, loving your body regardless of shape or size, embracing your curves and all your edges!!

Zoe McNulty, Headmistress of School of Strut, believes the every woman (not exclusively) has the right to feel fabulous in their skin, regardless of shape or size. As a plus size fitness instructor and dance teacher, she has found ways of moving which make her feel sassy and powerful and she likes to share this with her pupils at her School of Strut. The Headmistress is bringing the school and some special guests to Canary Wharf for a night of body confidence boosting dance classes and performances for everyBODY.

Join Zoe and her team as they take you through BodyLanguage, Divanomics and Strutology:

BodyLanguage is a sensual dance-aerobics session focusing on flow, posture and grace, designed to challenge your internal dialogue and enhance how you communicate to the world with your body.

The formula to becoming a Diva? You WERK IT OUT!! Divanomics is an easy, follow-along dance class, no difficult choreography to remember, set to super-sassy songs which urge you to unleash your inner diva.

Strutology, the sassiest dance class in the STRUTosphere, will empower you, teach you how to carry yourself, ooze self-confidence and boost your esteem instantly.

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FOOD & LYCRA: Sunday 20 October, 12noon-5pm, East Wintergarden

For the second time this year, we’re bringing back the Sunday Feast, a showcase of our favourite workouts, foods and drinks, all under one roof! We’re bringing the F&L fam together – both new and old – for an immersive day of fitness, food and fun! Whether it’s your first time working out or you’re an OG gym go-er, everyone will leave feeling next level joy and their belly-full!

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