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Learn to sketch

Explore the joys of sketching in your home whilst in social isolation with this free workshop. Learn all the tips and tricks with Paint Jam London artist and founder Dalia Zermon. In this dynamic and playful workshop you will be guided to get into the free-style spirit of sketching, learning to combine drawing objects whilst letting your imagination get involved too – it’s called artistic license!

Sketching is all about capturing the essence of an object. Perfection and realism go out the window in this workshop, replaced by experimentation, naïve mark-making and humour. You will begin by sketching very simple objects in your home, and move on to different compositions that everyone can engage in. Dalia will teach you about drawing’s classic components of proportion, scale and perspective, but the more playful you get in your process, the better your sketches will be! You will end up with a special series of sketches of your home and some new skills you can use for life.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities and no experience is required. All you need is a biro and some photocopier paper to start making your masterpiece.