• A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages
  • A collection of Remembrance Art Trailimages

Following the success of the 2016 Remembrance Art Trail, the inspirational exhibition by artist Mark Humphrey is returning to Canary Wharf in association with the Royal British Legion.

Artist Mark Humphrey has created 11 stunning pieces of art that will be displayed across the estate to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One. The six previously exhibited artworks will once again be on display alongside 5 new pieces including Every One Remembered, courtesy of the Royal British Legion who commissioned the work in 2014.

All of the works draw on inspiration from Mark’s own family upbringing and explore the nature of service, sacrifice and remembrance to create an incredibly moving and inspiring journey.


1. Lost Armies, Jubilee Park – a piece remembering the fallen and those who made sacrifices for countries who have fought for the British Armed Forces.

2. Lost Soldiers, Montgomery Square – a work examining healing, remembering and forgiveness.

3. Jutland Capsule, Art Window Gallery, Canada Place – the poppy capsule floats on water, sinking beneath the waves over the shipwreck of HMS Invincible. The copper and brass memorial, full of heartfelt supporter messages, commemorates all sailors who fell at the Battle of Jutland, in the largest naval WW1 conflict.

4. Life Blossoms Again, Design Window Gallery, Canada Place – every time we see a poppy grow, we shall be reminded of an individual who made the ultimate sacrifice.

5. Brothers in Arms, Crossrail Place Roof Garden – an exhibit demonstrating human sacrifice, comradeship and remembrance for all military conflicts.

6. ANA (Army, Navy & Airforce) Triptych, Adams Plaza – using parts of military transport vehicles from the British Armed Forces, this work displays poppies in an abstract form.

7. Fallen Soldier, Cabot Square – this work remembers our servicemen and women from all conflicts.

8. Nick Beighton Part 1 (Trauma To Champion: Windows Of The Soul) Hepatych, 2017-2018, lobby, One Canada Square – a work about life’s trauma and triumphs, the resolve for resolution, searching deep into the soul, that death is not an option in the pursuit of illumination.

9. Nick Beighton Part 2 (Tragedy To Triumph: Metamorphosis Of Life) Pentatych, 2017-2018, lobbby, One Canada Square – a work demonstrating the strength overcoming disaster, finding the power to heal, rebuild and stand strong. The ability to grow, develop and emerge into something beautiful.

10. Every One Remembered, Jubilee Plaza – thousands of poppies dedicated by the public throughout the UK flutter around the soldier, paying tribute to each and every one for their sacrifices made.

11. Point of Everyman’s Land, West Wintergarden – this piece delves into war in time and space, alongside moments of battle.


Find out more about how you can help soldiers, veterans and others affected by war at our charity pop-up. In Lower Level, Jubilee Mall, a different organisation will take over our charity pop-up area each day to talk to you about their work and to collect donations.

  • The Royal British Legion are our partners for the Remembrance Art Trail and are a charity providing financial, social and emotional support to the British Armed Forces and their families.
  • RBLI (Royal British Legion Industries) is a national charity supporting the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed by providing opportunities to help soldiers and veterans get back into employment.
  • Combat Stress is the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health, providing life-changing treatment to veterans.
  • The Poppy Factory is the country’s leading employment charity for veterans with health conditions or impairments. Their poppy factory also employs wounded soldiers to produce the poppies and wreaths for the Royal Family and the RBL.

There will also be a chance for you to show your appreciation for those who have given service by writing thank you notes and messages that will be displayed on an art installation by the Lower Mall pop-up.

Walking Tours: As Remembrance Sunday approaches join Blue Badge Guide, Rob Williamson, for a series of free walks to view, understand and interpret the temporary art installations of our Remembrance Art Trail. Click here for details of our Remembrance Art Trail Walking Tours

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