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Explore your musical creativity through ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’

Missing your piano fix at lunchtime? Wishing you could tickle the ivories on your way home?

Don’t worry, our pianos may be missing momentarily but it’s for a good cause – we have commissioned 5 brand new pianos! Artists are working hard to produce some beautiful designs and they will be arriving on Monday 25 March, placed in different locations across the estate.

So whether you’re an expert wanting to show off your skills, or a beginner hoping to try the piano for the first time, look out for these beautiful instruments to bring some music to your working day.


‘Slot, Swoosh, Squish’ by Rose Dutton in Jubilee Walk in Canada Place:

Rose Dutton, a graduate of Fashion and Textile Design, combines her fashion skills and artistic vision to create a truly unique piano. This project will form an extension of her final collection, ‘Slot Swoosh Tear’ – an innovative and environmentally conscious way of linking fabrics together. Rose’s piano is covered with a sleeve of playful, childlike designs made from recycled neoprene, inspired by interconnecting toys.

‘Stop. Play. Rewind.’ by Robin Crowley in Churchill Place:

Robin Crowley is a multidisciplinary designer/maker with a background in stop motion animation model making. He is obsessed with attention to detail. Robin works in film as an art director and prop and set builder, makes furniture and collaborates with fine artists to realize sculptural works. Robin’s piano is a giant, true-to-life cassette player.

‘Ebb and Flow’ by Sarah Emily Porter in Crossrail Place:

Award-winning British artist Sarah Emily Porter explores colour and the historical context of painting through her work. Her use of colour, composition and form is often inspired by architecture, interior design and geometry. Sarah’s piano is painted with a unique glossy drip pattern running from lamps fastened to the piano lid.

‘Synphonica’ by Aphra Shemza in Crossrail Place Roof Garden:

Aphra Shemza is a London-based multimedia artist exploring the impact and legacy of technology on our world. She combines traditional sculpting techniques with the latest technology to create work that references Modernism but with a renewed optimism. Aphra’s piano displays an interactive light design that is sound-reactive: the more the person plays, the more dynamic the light show will be.

‘Happy Being Here’ by Becca Balmes in Heron Walk in Jubilee Place:

Becca is a southern American visual artist whose studio practice encompasses painting, mixed media illustrations, and more. She explores themes including human connection to place, invisible illness/disability and her own family life. ‘Happy Being Here’ is themed around the particular joy at being embodied in a particular place at a particular moment. Becca’s piano displays watercolour paintings of people enjoying particular moments at Canary Wharf.

Live Performances, Monday 25 – Friday 29 March:

To celebrate the launch of our new pianos, we’re brightening up your lunchtimes with a week of performances. Keep an eye out to find our pianists at the new piano locations and maybe even have a sing-along with them!

  • Monday 25 March, 12-2pm, Ben Harker in Canada Place
  • Tuesday 26 March, 12-2pm, Fionnuala Ward in Churchill Place
  • Wednesday 27 March, 12-2pm, Mister Meredith in Jubilee Place
  • Thursday 28 March, 12-2pm, Joshua Kam in Crossrail Place Roof Garden
  • Friday 29 March, 12-2pm, Mister Meredith in Crossrail Place

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