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‘Natural Orchestration’

Breaking outside the usual artistic confines, internationally acclaimed artist Pauline Amos creates a multi-sensory experience of theatre, painting and sound. Working in collaboration with the renowned British period instrument orchestra, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, the installation will be brought to life within the beautiful Crossrail Place Roof Garden.

Pauline Amos is a passionate and creative performance and painting artist, who has pioneered a unique style of work. Building on the thinking of artists Kandinsky and Schoenberg who famously extolled the harmony between art and music in the last century, she curates her work with live performance and music to create a unique experience.

In Amos’ latest body of work she will work in reply to the orchestra’s baroque compositions. Rather than a translation of the sound, it will be Amos’ reaction towards it and the given circumstances. Amos will spontaneously respond to the environment and conditions presented by the inspiration of the period music and the space over the course of four days.  She will create a large scale masterpiece made up of four panels, with a mixture of paint brushes and hands on canvas using oil paint.

The live artistic performance will run daily 10am-6.30pm* from Monday 24 – Thursday 27 September. Visitors will be able the view finished masterpiece at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden on Friday 28 September from 10am-5pm*.

Image: David Montgomery

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