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  • A collection of Outdoor Theatreimages
  • A collection of Outdoor Theatreimages
  • A collection of Outdoor Theatreimages
  • A collection of Outdoor Theatreimages

Enjoy al fresco theatre this summer

The magical Westferry Circus welcomes you into new worlds to enjoy some amazing al-fresco theatrical productions.

Enjoy performances of two classic Shakespeare plays and a musical adaptation of a classic Arthurian tale from three fantastic up-and-coming theatre troupes. Performances begin at 7pm and everyone is welcome, so bring along your picnic and picnic mat then be transported to Sicily, Camelot and Athens as dusk falls on Canary Wharf.

You’ll also be able to treat yourself to ice cream from the Bad Brownie trike!

‘The Legend of King Arthur’ by Boxtree Productions, Monday 22 July

Young Wart is fed up! He is tired of his knuckles being rapped by his teacher, being ignored by his parents and bullied by his brother Kay.  However, little does he know that there is a prophecy of an unlikely hero destined to pull the sword from the stone and unite Britain, it couldn’t possibly be little Wart could it?  With inventive staging, original songs and magical storytelling we invite audiences to enjoy this classic tale of Arthur and the sword in the stone, in Boxtree Production’s unique and energetic way!

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by The HandleBards, Monday 29 July

A group of soldiers return from the war to a household in Messina, causing the kindling of new love interests and the re-kindling of old rivalries. The parallel love stories of Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio and Hero become entangled with plotting, frivolity and melodrama in Shakespeare’s famous comedy. Join the four-strong, all-male troupe for a riotous bicycle-powered production, filled with drunkenness, mayhem and cross-dressing a plenty.

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Chapterhouse Theatre Company, Monday 5 August

Chapterhouse Theatre Company presents Shakespeare’s best-loved romantic comedy. Let yourself be whisked away on a thrilling journey to the most magical of forests and meet star-crossed lovers, playful fairies, and hilarious travelling players. Beautifully designed Elizabethan costumes, a wonderful musical score and enchanting woodland creatures come together to make this an evening of unmissable summer garden theatre, and one of Chapterhouse’s most popular shows.

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