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A wild celebration of outdoor dance

Experience outdoor dance like never before in the parks, piazzas, waterfronts and public spaces of Canary Wharf, presented as part of the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival. Returning for its sixteenth year, Dancing City is packed with insightful and thought-provoking work from UK and international artists, including a sophisticated fusion of dance and oscillating objects, a parkour production revealing experiences of modern day slavery and a series of performances which imagine the last nine minutes of life.

With a captivating array of performances from the likes of Joss Arnott Dance, Alleyne Dance and Old Kent Road, including a brand new production from Talawa and Jade Hackett Dance, this year proves to be the most exciting yet!


James Wilton Dance (UK), “Leviathan”: This exhilarating performance conjures up the vision and charisma of Ahab, a ship’s captain, hell-bent on revenge against Moby Dick, a creature as vast and dangerous as the sea itself. Combining athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and partner-work, this contemporary retelling of Herman Melville’s classic novel (the second production inspired by this famous story at this year’s Festival) is presented against the dramatic backdrop of the Thames. 1pm & 4.30pm / Canary Riverside

Old Kent Road, “Oscillate”: Disentangling human relationships and misunderstandings, this innovative contemporary tap performance integrates movement and sound on a journey of connections and near misses. Whilst playing homage to the roots of tap, Oscillate provides a very 21st century perspective on moments of urban isolation and togetherness. 1pm & 4.30pm / Jubilee Place

Edge Dance Company and National Centre for Circus Arts, “9 Minutes”: Jorge Crecis’ work is renowned for merging athleticism with the compelling visuals of an art installation. In these three pieces, he movingly explores what it is to be alive, encompassing the extremes of joy and despair. Fusing contemporary dance, spoken word, circus and music, each short performance imagines the last 9 minutes of life, in ways which are in turn celebratory, thought-provoking and nostalgic. 2pm & 3.30pm / Jubilee Plaza

Joss Arnott Dance, “Pulse!”: Fusing movement and music in a production created around a uniquely engineered, 3.5m high percussion wheel, this visceral production integrates rhythmic intensity and ‘heart in the mouth’ choreography. 1.30pm & 3.30pm / Upper Riverside

Alleyne Dance, “A Night’s Game”: Twin sisters, Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, are breaking new ground in dance by bringing together their diverse background of athleticism and contemporary dance in their piece, A Night’s Game. Dynamic yet lyrical, the work is a striking fusion of Afro-Caribbean, hip hop, Indian classical dance, Latin and circus, resulting in truly exciting choreography. In this extract, the sisters will deliver a powerhouse performance that is unique to Alleyne Dance. 2pm & 3.45pm / Jubilee Place

Viadanse, “Oscyl Variation”: This UK première from French choreographers Eric Lamoureaux and Hela Fattoumi creates a landscape populated by humans and inanimate objects. As the objects, the ‘oscyls’, wait, it is only the dancers who can bring them to life, in a performance which evolves into a seamlessly integrated world of possibility. 1pm & 4.15pm / Jubilee Plaza

Justice in Motion (UK), “On Edge”: Told with breath-taking energy and fast-paced choreography on a vertiginous, specially designed ‘construction site’, this parkour and dance theatre production investigates modern day slavery. Expect astonishing, adrenaline-fuelled, gravity-defying moves from an international cast in this powerful exploration of what it is to be free. 3pm / Columbus Courtyard

Talawa and Jade Hackett Dance “The Tide”: Unknown land, new arrivals, boarded doors and a suitcase full of hopes, dreams and aspirations. Co-created by writer Ryan Calais Cameron and choreographer Jade Hackett, The Tide explores the narratives and experiences of migration within The United Kingdom whilst holding a mirror to an evolving British culture. 2.15pm & 4.30pm / Wren Landing

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