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A wild celebration of outdoor dance

Witness a dance revolution running through the streets, parks, and waterfronts of Canary Wharf with the fifteenth year of Dancing City.

Brimming with diverse and thought-provoking performances, Dancing City’s exciting new 2018 programme will lead you on a journey through relationships and consequences, perceptions of beauty, explorations of movement, pleasure and pain, and much more.

Since first making its home at Canary Wharf in 2002 in conjunction with Greenwich+Docklands International Festival, Dancing City has firmly established itself as the UK’s leading festival of free outdoor dance, with a devoted following of fans old and new.


Company Furinkaï (France), “Origami”: ‘Origami’ sees the unlikely pairing of a monumental shipping container and a gravity-defying dancer. Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, this is a ‘hold your breath’ spectacle where the container gently unfurls, creating a geometric performance space where dancer Satchie Noro dangles from its sharp corners and glides on its vertiginous edges. The container is in continuous movement, oblivious to the mesmering duet that it is part of. 1–1.40 and 3.15–3.55pm / Canary Riverside

Cia Moveo (Spain), “Conseqüències”: This award-winning new dance performance by Catalan company Cia Moveo explores the relationship between reality and fiction in our everyday lives. It’s an ironic and joyful work looking at the resulting consequences of being out of step, late, or off the mark. 1–1.30 and 3–3.30pm / Jubilee Plaza

Candoco Dance Company (UK), “Dedicated to…”: Dedicated to women, to love, to life, to friendship. In her new work for Candoco Dance Company, choreographer Caroline Bowditch reveals the extraordinary bonds we make throughout our lives. ‘Dedicated to…’ is a touching portrayal of female strength, support and friendship. The duet explores how people come in and out of our lives, how friendships evolve and adapt and how they can shape who we are. 2.30–2.45 and 4.45–5pm / Columbus Courtyard

Jesús Rubio Gamo, “Bolero”: Set to Ravel’s iconic music, this is a contemporary dance piece presented in partnership with The Place about tenacity. It explores the frontier between lightness and gravity and the fine line separating pleasure and exhaustion. 2.15–2.30 and 4.45–5pm / Jubilee Plaza

Joe Garbett Dance (UK), “Doubles”: Doubles’ brings bursts of colour to the streets in a collision of dance and ping pong. Watch as the dancers spin and slide in this playful pop-up performance that smashes expectations of dance and advocates the importance of safe, positive and accessible public spaces. Grab a bat and have a go! 1.45–2.05 and 3–3.20pm / Wren Landing

Gandini Juggling, “Gibbon”: This high-energy performance celebrates self-awareness and human behaviour, with a sense of humour and a hint of absurdity, through the spectacular medium of choreographed juggling. Surreal and playful, this show mixes different styles of dance with juggling: an absolute delight for audiences of all ages. 1.45–2.15 and 4–4.30pm / Westferry Circus

AuthentiCITY Youth Dance Company (UK), “Transient”: This specially commissioned performance, which explores the need for greater connection between people and generations in our towns and cities, launches an ambitious new youth dance company led by choreographer Hakeem Onibudo. 1.45–2 and 4–4.15pm / Jubilee Plaza

Ballet Central, “Black Swan pas de deux”: This new version of the iconic Black Swan has been especially choreographed for Ballet Central by former English National Ballet soloist Jenna Lee. In this pas de deux we see how Odile, the Black Swan seduces the Prince as she arrived uninvited to the Royal ball. 2–2.10 and 3.30–3.40pm / Jubilee Place

Humanhood, “Nomadis”: Two nomads meet and form an immediate bond. Their bodies sync in recognition as they react and respond to their new-found situation. Humanhood aims to close the gap between audience and performer, so get ready to be totally immersed in this sinuous and dynamic performance. 2.30–2.45 and 4–4.15pm / Jubilee Place

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