• A collection of Hot House Rehearsed Readingimages

Presented by Matipo theatre company

Maryam is a girl grown from a cabbage. She is kept in a greenhouse, the final fertile place left on earth. She’s bored. She wants more than anything to explore the polluted city outside. She and her gardener (and only friend) Caleb live with their plant wards, preparing to restore the earth when it’s ready. But when will that be? And even this dystopic garden of Eden can’t be kept pure. There are questions of money, upkeep and the motives of the greenhouse’s creator…

At its core, Hot House struggles with the familiar themes of impulse, guilt and coming of age, through the lens of a dystopic future that is all too imaginable. Woven through the narrative are moments of spoken word and the abstract outcries of the concrete world on the other side of the greenhouse windows. It is a tale of girlhood, womanhood… and cabbage-hood.

This performance is a rehearsed reading.

Part of Bloom 2019 – A summer programme of festivals, performances, workshops, family shows and music

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