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Faceplant Theatre presents One Duck Down

Faceplant Theatre presents One Duck Down

7000 Rubber Ducks. 7 Seas. 1 Big Adventure. Our unlikely but lovable hero Billy is prepared to venture to the ends of the earth to win the affections of his sweetheart. Little did he know he’d be set the tremendous task of finding the elusive nautical treasure… Rubber Ducks?!

Jam packed with music, clowning and puppetry; it teaches all ages the importance of looking after our ocean. One Duck Down’s set and props are recycled from the lost and found of rubbish both on land and at sea, all to create one eco-friendly family frolic.

Join Faceplant Theatre for a post-show workshop.

Part of Bloom 2019 – A summer programme of festivals, performances, workshops, family shows and music

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