• A collection of Kenneth Armitage: The Oak Tree Sculpturesimages

Part of the Centenary Celebration of the Work of Kenneth Armitage CBE RA (1916-2002)

Kenneth Armitage came to the fore in British Modernism in the 1940s and ‘50s, acclaimed internationally after his sculpture was exhibited in the Venice Biennales of 1952 and 1958. Known for his dynamic clusters of figures and single, often gestural studies, mostly of the female form, he worked largely in bronze. Although the critical focus changed throughout the following decades, he worked tirelessly through these times, experimenting with new materials and widening the scope of his interests.

From the mid-1970s he made early morning visits to Richmond Park, not far from his West London studio, and drew the oak trees, revelling in their diversity of form, grouping and individuality. The sculptures in this exhibition, seen only occasionally in Britain, derive from these drawings and are in a wide range of scale and form.

Exhibition Tour: Tuesday 15 August, 6.30-7.15pm, FREE
Curator Ann Elliott tours the exhibition with art critic and trustee of The Kenneth Armitage Foundation John McEwen. Email visualart@canarywharf.com to reserve a place

The exhibition is supported by The Kenneth Armitage Foundation www.kennetharmitagefoundation.org.uk

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