• A collection of Fairy Tales Gone Bad: Grannylocks/The Monstrous Ducklingimages

Presented by the Half Moon Theatre

A father returns home with a magical cloak. A cloak that hides a story…

Bloom - Fairy Tales Gone BadDid you know that the ugly duckling was never ugly? He was truly monstrous! Or that Goldilocks was never a tale about a little girl. It was always a tale about a granny; a mean, old, thieving granny who has plans for something quite nasty.

Join performance poet Joseph Coelho as he unravels familiar fairytales to create fresh contemporary classics in an enchanting performance for young and old alike.

“They don’t call Joe Coelho ‘Poetry Joe’ for nothing – here is a seriously talented writer-performer who wears his genius lightly.” – Children’s Theatre Review


1pm: Pre-performance workshop
2pm: Performance
2.45pm: Pre or post- performance workshop
3.30pm: Performance
4.15pm: Post-performance workshop

Part of Bloom 2016