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The Wind in the Willows from Boxtree Productions

canary-wharf-arts-events-boxtree-30-jul-2017-1-300x398Join Mole as he says ‘dang’ and ‘blast it!’, throws down his broom and sets off on an adventure out of his hole. On his journey he meets the effervescent Ratty who shows him the wonders of picnics and messing about on the river, Badger, the wise old sage of the woods and Toad of toad hall, whose exploits cause all manner of mischief and upheaval. When the Weasels take over Toad Hall it’s up to Mole and Ratty, Badger and Toad to retake control.

With Inventive staging, original songs and magical storytelling we invite audiences to enjoy this classic tale of adventure, friendship and picnics in Boxtree Production’s unique and energetic way!

Part of our Family Summer Festival

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