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Presented by the Half Moon Theatre

Justin is the smallest boy in the whole town. So small that he can swim with goldfish. So small his sister takes him to school in her lunchbox. So small the bullies want to catch him and keep him as a pet. Justin wants to be like his giant Dad, but when he finds out his Dad is not the Big Wow, he sets off to find who – or what – the Big Wow really is!

Bloom - Big Wow Small WonderCan the Big Wow help Justin to be tall in time, before the bullies catch up with him? And is being big really all its bigged up to be?

Told with huge helpings of humour, poignant poetry, original music and plenty of audience participation, this is a tall story about the wonders of being small.


1pm: Pre-performance workshop
2pm: Performance
2.45pm: Pre or post- performance workshop
3.30pm: Performance
4.15pm: Post-performance workshop

Part of Bloom 2016